Health Advice

This page is to give advice and guidance to patients on how to manage their long-term conditions, how to deal with minor injury and illness that doesn't require treatment from a clinician and give patients advice on several topics.




Daylight is an effective long-term solution for anxiety and worry. Proven in a randomised controlled trials to help people living with high levels of anxiety to achieve a 71% improvement in their symptoms.  

  • You start by taking a two-minute quiz to discover your Anxiety Type and identify the types of thoughts and behaviours that may be keeping you stuck 
  • Then, after understanding your challenges and priorities, Daylight guides you through interactive exercises to tackle your worries and feelings 
  • These exercises help you learn to relax, change your perspective on anxious thoughts, and address your fears so you can feel more present and in-control 

 Daylight access link 


Sleepio is an effective long-term solution to sleep difficulties. Validated in 12 randomised controlled trials and over 100,000 UK users to date. In a large-scale, placebo-controlled trial, Sleepio helped 76% of poor sleepers achieve healthy sleep.   

  • You start with a two-minute quiz to find out your Sleep Score and get a personalised report 
  • Then you’ll be guided through online sessions by your animated sleep expert, The Prof, to learn a range of cognitive and behavioural techniques that are proven to work 
  • These techniques help establish a healthy sleep pattern by addressing negative thoughts and behaviours, and developing a routine to make falling asleep and staying asleep more automatic and natural 


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