Repeat Prescriptions

The majority of our repeat prescriptions are recorded electronically which allows us to keep this under scrutiny. 

For the patients who have repeat prescription re-order forms, these can be handed in to your usual pharmacy or to us at the Health Centre.  You can also order your repeat prescription via our website (click on link at top of page).   When ordering your prescription please remember to include the FULL DETAILS of your request (drug name, dose, quantity, chemist, etc).  Missing details will cause a delay in processing your request.  Please allow 2 full working days for us to process your request.  This helps to keep the system running efficiently.  We have a  collection service with each of the three local chemists.  You can therefore collect your prescription from the chemist of your choice. 

Please allow 48 hours for your order to be processed.

Ordering Your Repeat Prescriptions Online

  • Accurate, efficient, safe and secure (of course!)
  • Log in to see your most current list of repeat medicines (taken straight from your medical record)
  • Tick the items you would like to order & submit the order
  • View the status of your orders (including return messages)
  • Order direct with the practice

Patient Services Online Log In

If you have not yet registered for online services please complete a registration form and come to the reception at the surgery with photographic ID in order for us to arrange this for you.

Patient Services Online Registration Form.pdf

Ordering Repeat Prescriptions & Express Repeats System

Many patients are on repeat prescriptions for tablets to control conditions such as diabetes or blood pressure.  We have noticed big reductions in the number of people having heart attacks and strokes over the past years because of these tablets, but they only work if you actually take them!  Deciding which tablets you should actually be on and keeping the list up-to-date on the computer remains a very important topic for the patient, doctor and pharmacist to work as a team!  We have to strike a balance between giving patients a long enough supply of tablets to reduce the hassle of reordering things and visits to the pharmacy but also keeping lists on the computer accurate, reviewing them and keeping them up-to-date after hospital admissions. 

There is also the huge issue of wasted drugs in the NHS which the government have been unable to fix despite some simple personal suggestions from myself!  Once the medicine packet leaves the pharmacy they can’t take it back. 

We have recently noticed problems where unnecessary supplies of drugs, or even worse drugs that have actually been stopped have been issued by the pharmacies using their express repeat systems.  There are many reasons for these mix-ups which are wasteful and potentially dangerous.  I have discussed this with our excellent local pharmacists in Lloyds and Boots. 

We feel that it is important that most patients have the responsibility for ordering their medications so that you know best what you take and why, what supplies you have and what you need to order.

We would therefore like to encourage more patients to use our Tweeddale online repeat prescription service because we know many patients already find this is the best system for them ordering repeat prescriptions and we feel is less likely to cause the errors inherent in the pharmacy express repeat systems.  Click the Repeat Prescriptions link at the bottom of the home page.

If you have not used our online ordering system before, you will need to register by following the on-screen instructions.  Once you have registered and completed your details, you just need to log on and tick which items you want each time you want to order your prescriptions.